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What are the differences between Magnum batteries?

The main difference between each Magnum Bikes e-bike battery is the voltage and amp-hours. Think of the voltage as the size of an engine; this determines the power output of your e-bike battery. More voltage means more power: for example, a 48V batte

How do I take care of my Magnum Bikes battery?

Our top tips for e-bike battery care:. Always pedal along with your e-bike, especially up hills so the battery is not depleted too quickly. Always keep your battery charged. Lithium batteries' life cycles can be extended by not depleting your battery

How long does it take re-charge my battery?

All Magnum Bikes batteries have different charge times based on their size and capacity. To charge a fully discharged Magnum battery up to 100% charge, the average recharge time is approximately 6-8 hours. You will notice the bike charges fastest whe

How do I extend the range of my Magnum Bike per charge?

Here are some ways to ensure the longest possible ride on a single charge:. Your e-bike will consume much less battery when you begin riding by pedaling instead of using the throttle. Also, stop-and-go riding using the throttle can limit the range of

What do the terms volts, amps, and watts mean for my e-bike?

Your e-bike has an electric system that is measured by volts and amps. Volts: Voltage is the amount of potential electricity your battery holds. In general, the voltage of your battery doesn’t increase or decrease. Amps: Amps, or current, refer to ho

How long will my Magnum Bikes battery last me?

All Magnum e-bikes come with a lithium battery. You will typically get 800-1000 charge cycles out of your battery, as long as you are storing it appropriately. What does that mean?. With Magnum Bikes batteries, you can charge and discharge the batter

Can I get replacement keys for my battery?

We only sell keys as a set with new lock mechanisms. For security reasons, we don't keep stock of single keys. This means that if you lose your battery keys, you'll need to get a new lock along with new keys. To request a new battery lock, please sub