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My brakes are squeaking; what should I do?

If your e-bike’s brakes are squeaking, it's best to inspect your brake pads and rotor. Most likely, the brakes need to be re-aligned or the brake pads need to be replaced. Here are how-to videos for each brake type:. Hydraulic Brakes. Mechanical Brak

What's the difference between mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes?

With both mechanical and hydraulic brakes, a rider slows and stops their e-bike by activating the brake, pressing brake pads against part of the bike’s wheel to slow its rotation. But while both options perform better than traditional rim brakes, par

My brake levers are pulling all the way to the handlebar. What should I do?

If you notice that your bike’s brake levers are squishy or pulling back further toward the handlebar than they used to, it’s likely that your bike needs a brake bleed. This routine maintenance is something that your dealer or any bike shop is equippe