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Can I see my trip distance in miles and/or kilometers?

On nearly all of our models, you can change your e-bike's display units to show either miles or kilometers. This will update the units for your trip distance and odometer. Please note that the Magnum Cosmopolitan can only display kilometers at this t

How do I gain access to my C6, C7, or L7 display settings?

Your Magnum Bikes manual will explain what type of display you have. This guide is for users with C6, C7, or L7 displays. For the most part, operation and changing settings are the same across those 3 display models, with one exception detailed below

How do I use my Magnum Pathfinder display?

To navigate the Magnum Pathfinder display, check out our Pathfinder Display Video Tutorial or follow the steps below:. By pressing the TOP power button, you will power on the display. The other two buttons, Up and Down, switch between the different l

How do I access my Cosmo Gen II display settings?

The Generation 2 Cosmo display has two arrows and a Mode button. It also has a Light button and Power button on the lower and upper edge. To access settings:. Press M to get in and use the arrow buttons to change between setting types. Hold M to exit

How do I navigate my Magnum branded display?

If your display says 'Magnum' in the bottom center of your display, this section is for you. You can follow our how-to link for navigation tips and display functions here.

How can I see the display while riding at night?

You can activate the backlight on your LCD display to see it at night. To do so, power on your display, and then press the power button once more. This will light the backlight; now you're ready to ride!