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What is the top speed of my e-bike?

The top speed of your e-bike is determined by many factors, including:. Weather, rider weight, terrain, incline, and use of the throttle and pedal assist. In great conditions, the top speed of an e-bike when using only the throttle will be 20 mph. De

What is the weight limit/load capacity on a Magnum Bike?

Weight limits vary for different models of Magnum Bikes. Here are the weight limits for each model. Premium II, Classic II, Premium, Classic: ~ 242 lbs / 109 kg. Pathfinder Series: 250 lbs / 113 kg. Cosmo +/X, Navigator Series, Voyager, Summit, Cruis

Can I ride off-road with my Magnum Bikes e-bike?

1. The Magnum Summit, Peak T5, and Peak T7 are all mountain e-bikes. They are made for both off and on-road terrain. 2. The Magnum Nomad and Scout are both fat tire bikes. They are made for both off and on-road terrain. 3. Our discontinued models Mag

Can I ride my Magnum E-Bike in the rain?

Your e-bike is water resistant and can be ridden during average rainfall. However, for your safety as well as your e-bike's durability and longevity, we advise against riding in heavy rain. Speaking of your e-bike's longevity, we also strongly advise

What is the correct tire pressure for my electric bike?

1. Keeping your tire pressure correct at all times is important. Correct tire pressure will increase the efficiency of your e-bike and prevent flat tires while riding. 2. There is no universally correct PSI, so you need to follow the specifications o

What bike trailer do you recommend using with Magnum Bikes?

Whether you're hauling kids, gear, or pets, trailers are a great accessory for any bike. Magnum Bikes work with BURLEY trailers when using the updated hitch that fits over 12mm solid axles. There may be other brands or designs that will work, such as

What car rack is recommended to use with Magnum Bikes?

Our e-bikes are made to fit most standard car racks. E-bikes are heavier than regular pedal bikes, so we recommend a rack that is rated to hold at least 60lbs for a single e-bike — more if you have more than one bike. When transporting your e-bike on

Where can I find my frame number?

You will need your frame number when registering for your warranty. The frame number is typically stamped into the head tube. In the rare event that it is not, there is also a sticker with a barcode on it — beneath that barcode, you will also find yo

Do you have a referral program?

Magnum Bikes does not currently have a referral program. However, if you are a huge Magnum Bikes enthusiast and want to bring your network into the Magnum Family, please reach out to us at [email protected]! We'd love to discuss potential partners

How do I install my Magnum front carrier rack?

You’ll need a couple of supplies to install your front carrier rack:. A zip tie. A 4mm hex wrench. Below are instructions for installation; you also click here to watch a video. There are 4 bolts and washers on your e-bike’s head tube: 2 on the front