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My e-bike motor is making loud noises. What should I do?

If your motor seems to be making noise, we recommend following these steps:. 1. Ride the bicycle without power; this can help determine whether the noise is coming from any mechanical, non-motorized parts of your e-bike. 2. Confirm if the noise only

What do I do if the range of my e-bike seems low?

If your range is low, we recommend following these steps:. 1. Check your charger. Completely deplete the battery and check the time it takes to recharge your battery from 0-100%. This should take about 6.5 hours. If the charge time is faster, this in

What should I do if my e-bike spokes are loose?

Your e-bike motor is attached to the rear wheel, which applies more stress to the spokes than on a regular bike. Because of this, it's essential to check the strength of the spokes periodically. If any spokes are loose, please have them tightened bef

How do I change a flat tire on the rear motor wheel of my e-bike?

1. Turn the power of your battery off. If you'd like, you may also remove the battery entirely from your e-bike. 2. Disconnect the motor cable quick connector. 3. Change the flat tire as you would a regular bike. 4. Reconnect the motor plug, being su

If I get a punctured tire, must I go to an e-bicycle specialist to have it fixed?

While we recommend seeing a Magnum dealer for most repairs, changing a flat is quite simple. Magnum Bikes models all come standard with a quick-release plug to allow for easy access to the rear wheel. Anyone with basic bicycle technical experience ca

I haven’t used my e-bike in a while and it isn't turning on. What should I do?

If you haven't ridden your Magnum Bike in a while, your battery may have fallen into Sleep mode. To reset your battery, leave it plugged in for 8 hours, uninterrupted. After 8 hours, try powering the bike on. If this doesn't work, plug the charger in

My e-bike battery is not charging. What should I do?

If your battery fails to charge, the issue could either be with your charger or with the battery itself. Follow these troubleshooting steps better assess the issue at hand. First, check to make sure the charger is operating properly. The specs and op