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How do I access my Cosmo Gen II display settings?Updated 2 years ago

The Generation 2 Cosmo display has two arrows and a Mode button. It also has a Light button and Power button on the lower and upper edge. 

To access settings:

  1. Press M to get in and use the arrow buttons to change between setting types

  2. Hold M to exit and move on

  3. 1st screen is units: MPH or KMH

  4. Next screen is speed

  5. Next screen is diameter of your wheels: leave at 700

  6. Next is SLP - sleep mode timer: anywhere from 0 to 30 seconds

  7. Next is BLG - screen brightness: there are 3 levels to choose from

Any further questions? Reach out to Customer Support at 323-375-2666 or [email protected] 

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