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How do I gain access to my C6, C7, or L7 display settings?Updated 2 years ago

Your Magnum Bikes manual will explain what type of display you have. This guide is for users with C6, C7, or L7 displays. 

For the most part, operation and changing settings are the same across those 3 display models, with one exception detailed below — so it's helpful to know your display type before you begin.

1. Hold + and - on the display controller for about 5 seconds

2. You will see the screen change to read "8888"

3. Toggle using SET and use + or - as needed, changing display numbers to read "8088"

4. If 8088 doesn't work, change to 8306 or 8108

5. Once you've gained access to the settings, toggle + or - to change settings on each screen

6. The first screen is P: pedal assistance top speed. 

7. The second screen is throttle top speed

8. The third screen is the tire size

9. The fourth screen is the odometer

10. The fifth screen is the battery size

11. The sixth screen is power level

12. Hold SET (or if you have the L7 display, hold + and -) to exit back to the home screen. 

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