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How do I use my Magnum Pathfinder display?Updated 2 years ago

To navigate the Magnum Pathfinder display, check out our Pathfinder Display Video Tutorial or follow the steps below:

By pressing the TOP power button, you will power on the display. The other two buttons, Up and Down, switch between the different levels of your PAS (pedal assist system). 

By pressing the POWER button once, you will toggle between Odometer and the Trip Odometer.


If you press and hold the UP button, it will turn on the headlight. To enter the display's settings, press and hold the UP button and the top POWER button at the same time.

The menu items are outlined below: 

1) Tire size - leave this at 21 inches

2) Units - allows you to switch between km and mph

3) Top Speed - use code 0579 to enable toggling your top speed, then choose between 20 or 25 mph

4) Battery Info - this typically reads '0'

5) Version - this is your e-bike's software information

**From here, you can choose 'page down' to get to 6 & 7**

6) Mode - you can choose between speed and torque. Switch to torque if you would like to speed up more quickly

7) Trip - you can reset your trip odometer by pressing the down button

For any further questions, you can contact Customer Success at 323-375-2666 or [email protected] 

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