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What bike trailer do you recommend using with Magnum Bikes?Updated a year ago

Whether you're hauling kids, gear, or pets, trailers are a great accessory for any bike. Magnum Bikes work with BURLEY trailers when using the updated hitch that fits over 12mm solid axles. 

There may be other brands or designs that will work, such as some Seatpost mounting options. However, the 12mm compatible trailer hitches are the only ones we have tested and are therefore the only ones we can safely recommend.  

Please note: it is vital for both safety and warranty coverage that you compensate for the width of the trailer hitch by removing a circular washer on the side of your bike opposite the rear hub drive (where you would install the adapter). 

In addition, the axle nuts and no-turn washers must still be installed correctly and tightened according to spec (tight!)

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