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What do I do if the range of my e-bike seems low?Updated a year ago

If your range is low, we recommend following these steps:

1. Check your charger. Completely deplete the battery and check the time it takes to recharge your battery from 0-100%. This should take about 6.5 hours. If the charge time is faster, this indicates that the charger is not completing the charge. You may need a new charger. If you're still under warranty, please contact Magnum Support for assistance in getting a new charger.

2. After charging your battery completely, ride your e-bike to depletion, measuring your total trip distance. When you contact the Magnum Bikes support center, they will want to know the actual range of your battery.

3. If you are able, measure the battery voltage when fully charged. The voltage of your lithium battery should be 42V. If it is less than this, there is a problem with either your battery or charger.

4. If the problem persists, please see your licensed Magnum Bikes dealer or contact Magnum Support here.

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